Monday, September 20, 2010

Choosing the Right Hajj Package 2010

2010 package price:
$9,350 AUD

7th November, 2010 to 6th December, 2010

“The first sanctuary ever built for mankind was that Bakkah [Makkah], a blessed place, a guidance to the peoples. In it there are plain signs; the place where Abraham stood. Whoever enters it is safe. And Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to Allah from mankind, for all who are able to make a journey. As for the disbelievers [they should know that] Allah is Independent of All creatures.” (Qur’an: Ali ‘Imran 3:96-97)
As some of us are busy preparing to go for Hajj, others are still deciding which group to go with. Most of us make the mistake of focusing on "Price" as the main criteria when choosing a Hajj package.
Nowadays Hajj is a complex trip, with so many things attached to a package (like food or no food, better or worse hotel, distance of hotel, length of stay, etc.), that price can easily be manipulated if many important and essential extras are taken out.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a Hajj package:
1. Who's the leader of the group? Is it someone you trust?
2. When is departure after Hajj? If it is immediate, as soon as Hajj is over, then that 'might' be too stressful for you. Better to stay a day or two after Hajj to recover, if your schedule permits.
3. Does the Hajj group care to educate you about Hajj BEFORE you depart for Hajj?
4. How long will you be in Makkah or Madinah?
Last but not least, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you should look for in a Hajj package is...
5. COMPANIONSHIP! Who is going to accompany you in this group. Believe it or not, companionship can make or break your hajj experience! Choose wisely. Companionship is THE most important thing to make your Hajj a truly sacred journey of a lifetime.
Come and join Ust. Mahmud's caravan and partake in the wonder of this joyous event....
Complete brochure with itinerary attached.
For a series of FREE video lectures on Hajj rulings and preparation, sign up here.
Kindly forward to others.
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