Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suggested Intentions for the Sunnah I'tikaf

Suggested Intention for the Sunnah I’tikaf
Nawaytu sunnata’l –I’tikafa fi hadha’l-Masjidi ila akhiri Ramadan
“O Allah, I intend to make the sunnah I’tikaf in this masjid until the end of Ramadan”
Oh Allah, with Your help, my expressed intention includes the following aims and objectives. To the best of my ability I intend to :-
To perform the Sunnah I’tikaf of Rasullullah (saw)
To completely avoid all forms of haram and sins
To declare Jihad on my Nafsu’l-Ammarah in order to subdue it
To work on my Akhlaq by giving up my bad attributes and gaining praiseworthy qualities
To spend all of my available time in ‘ibadah while I am here
To the best of my ability, avoid idle worldly talk with others
To be in a state of wudu at all times, including:-
going to sleep with wudu
pray 2 rakaats of Tajdidul wudu salat each time I renew my wudu
to always make fresh wudu and pray 2 rak’ats of salat before going to sleep
To pray salatu’l ishraq, salatu’d duha, salatul awwabin, salatul’ tahajjud and qiyamu’l layl
To be engaged in Dhikrullah continuously
To recite as many juz as possible from the Qur’an (with translation in English)
To make lots of dua for myself, my family, my loved ones and for the Ummah of the Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)
To spend a few hours in sleep right after Salatul Isha, Salatul Ishraq and Salatu’z Zuhr in order to provide me with strength that I may perform much ‘ibadah
To not interfere or concern myself with faults of others, but to concentrate on my shortcomings and my ‘ibadah alone.
To be patient if I were to come across unpleasant situations and behaviours from others.
To interpret every situation around me with khayr, to be extremely tolerant with others and to learn a positive lesson from every event.
To be in a state of tafakkur and to become aware and conscious of every breath of mine.
To constantly remember my past sins, to continue to make sincere Tawbah.


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