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Love of Allah -Harun Yahya


SubhanAllah I was just reading an article by Harun Yahya this morning in regards to Love of Allah:)


Profound faith in Allah, fear of Allah and a deep love of Allah represent the most important source of life for Muslims. It is only with this love that a person can attain physical and psychological strength and heave a healthy and well-balanced spirit. Love of Allah bestows strength and hope in all respects. A person enjoys an endless physical and psychological robustness and vivacity. They spend every moment in the hope of meeting Allah, our Lord, and that they will pass into the Hereafter Allah tells them of and that He will bless them with Paradise. The love of Allah in a believer gives an enormous determination and will. It opens his mind and enables the believer to think in a manner pleasing to Allah. It teaches him to look at and analyze everything with wisdom. It is also instrumental in people enjoying physical good health. With perfection of spirit, the human body also becomes healthier and more resistant. The soul has a direct impact on the body. The joy of faith in the soul, love of Allah and profundity of faith have a very positive effect on a person’s skin, physical resistance, laugh, tone of voice and many other physical traits.

The common physical feature of people who do not live by love of Allah and the variety of love that stems from it, is that they look ill even if they are not actually sick. Through the instructions from the soul, the body assumes a sickly, feeble state, commonly described as listlessness. The gait of such people is a significant indicator of this. Instead of walking in a vivacious, joyful manner, they walk stooped over and give the impression of being worn out. They speak with a poor and unpleasant tone of voice, instead of a joyful, easy, pleasing one.

But someone who joyfully lives by the love of Allah has a very different gait, tone of voice and facial expression. Through their love of Allah, their every movement, and their tone of voice and expression are always conscious, intelligent and careful. People who love Allah also look at the things He creates with love, affection and attention. Those with the deficiency that stems from this lack of love in their souls may be physically alive, but present a very different physical and psychological appearance.

While Muslims live by this alertness of consciousness, they must constantly ask Allah for the ability to love even more, rather than making do with what they already have. Someone with a healthy conscience and love of Allah has a huge capacity for loving the things Allah creates. Believers’ quests for love are directly correlated to the depth of their faith. The greater the depth and joy of their faith in Allah, the greater their power of love. This is not something a person can obtain through his or her own endeavors. Allah gives this emotion to every believer, every true Muslim. He inspires this beauty in their hearts. But of course one must constantly pray to be given this blessing and ask Allah for it with a powerful intensity. Because Muslims need to love Allah ever more, in an ever more joyous and genuine manner. There are no limits to their love of the beauties created by Allah. Although they love Allah much more than anyone or anything else, this is not enough, and they constantly pray to Him to be able to love even more. As their love of Allah grows, so does their love of other Muslims and all the delights created by Allah. The love of a blessing felt by someone with a profound love of Allah in his heart is very different to the love felt by someone with no such love. They may see the same thing when they look at a blessing, but the effect that Allah creates in their souls is an entirely different one.

True Muslims must use “the power of love,” one of the greatest blessings Allah bestows and must eliminate all the obstacles to their living by that love for Allah’s approval. One of the main obstacles is spiritual sloth, failing to employ one’s will in this regard. It is the failure to make proper use of this opportunity given by Allah.

For example, let us imagine someone has a tin of paint in front of him. Obviously, extracting the paint using his fingers is not the best way of going about it. The best use of his time and the paint in the tin is to pour it out in quantity and thus get the job done as quickly as possible.

The way Muslims use their souls in loving the manifestations of Allah, their words, honesty and general behavior, reveal this love in the most perfect way.


True and genuine love is one of the greatest blessings in this world and the Hereafter, one that Allah gives to Muslims alone. For those who do not seek Allah’s approval or live by the moral values of the Qur’an, true love is the loss of a blessing they can never attain. Many people may try to imitate true love and give the impression they live by it. But our Lord, Almighty Allah, the Creator of all, reveals in the Qur’an the certain truth that He will never bestow this love on those with no love of Allah and no faith, but solely on those who believe:

“As for those who believe and do right actions, the All-Merciful will bestow His love on them.” (Surah Maryam, 96)

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