Monday, February 8, 2016

Hajj Package '16 with Ust Mahmud Kurkcu


28 Day Premium Hajj Package 2016

[Aus - Makkah - Hajj - Madinah - Aus] 05 Sept 2016 to 02 Oct 2016 / 1437

What is included?

Fully escorted experienced English speaking staff.
Return economy class airfares including all taxes from Australia to Hajj flying Emirates/Qatar Airlines. Meet and assist at Melb/UAE/Jedda/Madina airports
All Hajj Visa arrangements.
All Muassasah (Saudi Government) fees.
Qurbān / Had’yi / Sacrifice fee.
Five Star Hotels in Makkah and Madinah directly in front of Haram. Triple Share or Double Share in Makkah Hilton/Hyatt and Triple Share or Double Share in Oberoi Hotel in Madina.
Comfortable Azīziyah Apartments walking distance to Jamarāt and Mina,
6-8 share in a room accommodation.
Guided Ziyārah (visits) to historical Holy sites both in Makkah and Madinah.
Full Board, open buffet Malaysian cuisine during Aziziyah. International cuisine in Mina and ‘Arafāt. Only Packed food and snacks in Muzdalifah.
Full Board, open buffet international cuisine during Aziziyyah and Mina. Packed food and snacks in Arafat.
Whilst in Makkah daily assistance with transfer for Hujjāj wishing to perform additional ‘Umrah.
All transfers and transportation in air-conditioned upgraded coaches outside the Manāsik days. Muassasah buses or designated train rides during the Manāsik.
Specially upgraded accommodation and extra services in Mina. Standard services in Arafat.
Continuous educational programs held on the rites of Hajj and Ziyārah prior to and throughout the sacred journey of Hajj by Ust. Mahmud Kurkcu.
5 litres of Zam Zam Water in standard official containers.
24 hour religious guidance or personal assistance available from staff during stay in Saudi Arabia.
Day stay in UAE Hotel on the way to Hajj to put on Ihram or special charter flight to Jeddah if instructed by the airline.
Complimentary Hajj Souvenirs:

1 Ihrām set or 1 prayer clothing set
1 travelling bag
1 Hajj Instructional DVD with
Kitābu’l-Hajj Book
1 Virtues of Hajj Book and
Hajj Du‘ās Book
1 Hajj Memories Photo DVD (after Hajj)

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