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HAJJ 2012 with Ust Mahmud Kurkcu from Australia

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Beating Procrastination Series: Preparing for Hajj

I know you might be thinking that it is a  bit too early to talk about Hajj, especially since we are 3 months  away, but by the end of this article you'll understand why you precisely  do need to start preparing for Hajj now. Normally, people start planning for Hajj  around Ramadan time. They feel closer to their deen during Ramadan and  look forward for that next big spiritual buzz after Ramadan, the Hajj.  Unfortunately, by this time, unless they have enough cash on them, it's  very hard for them to make it to Hajj due to the expenses. Furthermore,  those last 3 months between Ramadan and Hajj are hectic so that even if  they are financially prepared, they barely plan well for Hajj and thus  have a less than optimal Hajj experience.

My goal with this article is to inspire  one of you who is on reasonable income to start getting ready for Hajj  from now both financially, physically and mentally insha'Allah.

Are you ready? Here we go.

1. Take out your calendar and start marking key dates:

Mark when Hajj is forecasted to  occur this year, which dates Hajj visas applications open up in your  country (you might need to call a few Hajj/Umrah agents to find out),  when is the best time to do Hajj shopping, when do Hajj courses take  place, etc.

2. Have a Plan/Set Milestones:

Set deadlines by which you want to  achieve certain milestones. For example: By Ramadan, I'll be financially  ready for Hajj. One month before Hajj, I'll prepare all my Hajj  shopping, etc. Make this your "project" of the year.

3. Start Saving Now:
Every dollar counts, so start saving for Hajj today.  Calculate how much you need to save up each month to purchase a  reasonable priced Hajj package. If your income is not enough, try to  think of where in your expenses you can reduce just for this year or look for alternative Hajj packages.

Set up a separate bank account and start  depositing 10-20% of your income in this account (or however much you  need to save) every month. No matter what happens during the year, try  your best not to dip into your savings unless in emergency situations.

4. Start Reading about Hajj:
Al-hamdulillah, Hajj is not a complex  ritual, but it'll put you in good standing if you start reading about  Hajj early. Don't just read about "how" to do Hajj, but read about the  stories behind Hajj: The story of Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) and His  son building the Ka'aba, the story of their sacrifice, the story of  Hajar and Safa & Marwa, the story of Muhammad (Peace be upon him)  and his final Hajj. Read, learn, and get excited!

To get you started, here you can find a translated version of "The Farewell Sermon"  delivered by the Prophet (Peace be upon him) on the day of 'Arafah, the  ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah, 10 A.H. (632 CE), during his Hajj.

5. Inform family/friends:
Tell your family and  friends from now that you're planning to go on Hajj. This public pledge  forces you not to give up on your plans. Moreover, this way your family  will understand that there may be no vacation trips this year, or you  might postpone making that big purchase this year. Getting your friends  and family's support is very crucial.

In summary, if you start preparing for  Hajj today, inshaAllah with the permission of Allah (Subhanahu Wa  Ta'ala) you'll be going to Hajj by the end of this year. Do not procrastinate, and start preparing for the journey of a lifetime from now

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  1. SubhanAllah Imaam Saahib a very nice article.May Allah swt bless you for this article and makes it easy for us to perform Hajj