Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Eyes Are The Mirror Of The Soul

Those with mirror-like hearts

do not depend on fragrance and color:

they behold Beauty in the moment.

They've cracked open the shell of knowledge

and raised the banner

of the eye of certainty.

Thought is gone in a flash of light. (RUMI)

Though the worlds are eighteen thousand and more,

not every eye can see them.

Every atom is indeed a place of the vision of God,

but so long as it is unopened,

who says, "There is a door"? (RUMI)

When the mirror of your heart becomes clear and pure,

you'll behold images which are outside this world.

You will see the image and the image-Maker,

both the carpet of the spiritual expanse

and the One who spreads it. (RUMI)

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