Monday, November 16, 2009

Death-Remember it often

My son, when you pray, do it like a person who is bidding farewell to this world, and don't assume you will have another chance to pray again. My son, know that a believer dies in between two deeds, one he offers for today, where he will get immediate blessings, and the second deed is what he offers towards the day of resurrection, and that is where he will gain the ultimate benefits

(Muadh Ibn Jabal (radiAllahu anhu))

Do not fix hopes on your health, and do not laugh away life.
Remember how they walked and now all their joints lie separately,
and the tongue with which they talked lightly
is eaten away by the worms

(Abu Hamid al Ghazzali)

It was narrated that the Prophet SAW said: " No one's good deeds will get him to Jannah except with Allah's mercy". We ( the sahaba) said " Even you you O Messenger of Allah?". The Prophet answered " Even me, only if Allah has mercy on me."

(Sahih Bukhari)

Short story
Once an 'abid died, and he was going through his reckoning and he had this huge mountain of good deeds beside him. So the Angels asked him do you want to go to Jannah with your good deeds or Allah's Mercy? He looked at his good deeds and said I 'll go in with my good deeds ( he thought they were so much they would suffice). Allah then told the Angels to put his "eyes" on the scale. Once his eyes were placed the man's good deeds were outweighed. Only the blessing of the eyes outweighed his 70-80 years of worshipping Allah. Allah's Mercy & Blessings surrounds us completely, but little do we give thanks. And then his, mind, ears, and heart was placed. The man couldn't take it anymore and said " enough, enough. I'll go in with Allah's mercy"

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