Friday, October 2, 2009

Know Your World-Poem

A beautiful nasheed poem about the universe and existence set to the ney flute.

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"Upon a calm subtle ocean
of inconceivable, brilliant lights
Descend the winds of mercy,
There are vibrations.. quickening,
brilant stirs of words and meaning.
In waves of possiblities,
all possible things are entangled...preserved.
When Allah commands a thing...
...and it is
A call for a thing to come out of possibilities.

A stir efferveses its way in the peaceful ocean
The tiniest of lively sparkles of light come forth
The sparkles in their entanglements,
veil and hide secrets

The ocean whispers its sparkling secret mist to the cloud,
The cloud is now the carrier
Every vibration has a meaning
Every tune a message

A turbenlent sea of manifestations
Waves of quantum leaps and transmutations
A briliant steam of massive energyy and light
bursts into a baby universe
The unverse unfolds subtle matter
Visible islands of stars and galaxies

The earth is crowned, it receives its heavenly crown
Blessed rain and fertile rivers run throught its clay,
Like paint clings to the artists brush
The clay clings to its guidance
It's secrets are now hidden,
wrapped in clay

The clay, once inert, now quickens
with its hidden treasures,
restless to find the way.
Out of the must sprout small plants raising their heads,
Crafty animals and wild beasts
We find an urge to chase game,
And to run from bigger beasts

In the world of clay,
you run and run until you are exhausted
You lay your head on a rock,
And to your lower self you sleep

You have a clear vision
Praying in Mecca
Standing on Mount Arafat
Touching the stars

A confirming brililant, heavenly light
shines into your heart
Tranforming lights peel off your clay
And unveil angelic wings for a deputy on earth

The blessed rid themsevles of clay
as their hearts cling to heavingly lights
You are born again
Into the heavens this time
Into the light from which you came

Do not be like those
whose hearts cling to the darkend clay,
instead of the light

With pure hearts we submit to Allah
Then it is said Praise be to Allah
Lord of all the worlds

It is time to stop the aimless running,
Peel off your clay,
Cling to the lights"

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