Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poem Dedicated to Habib Umar

A day’s journey with Habib Umar

It was a sleepless night before that great day,

My anxiety grew without the notice of time

Clutching over a dream of Habib Umar having zikrullah with my family

While awaiting the arrival of him and the other ‘alims before the daybreak

Subhan Allah………….

Earnestly preparing breakfast for him and 15 guests

But who knows the whole town will turn up abruptly

Hoping that he savours it with delight

As my heart delights his presence amidst us

Like a miracle the pouring rained stopped

With the arrival of him at the door


Inspired by his inspirational dua for my family

On his arrival at the door

His duas is not only for the living

But also for the dead at the cemetery is his liking

Subhan Allah………………..

Habib Umar gave a small talk at ICV

How I wish I was there

Our mosque at Asr was packed to the max

Upon his arrival to endow another inspirational talk

On how we have to remember (SWT) through zikrullah,

As only through the remembrance of Allah

Peace and tranquility can be found

He taught us how to achieve Khushu in our hearts,

To perfect khushu in prayer,

one should have a conscious fear of Allah,

pray in a calm and collected manner,

perform every act and movement with humility

make full awareness of its significance,

feeling the experience of serenity and tranquility.

The believers, by means of illumination of faith,

self-purification, good moral conducts, God's-Remembrance,

and righteous deeds make their heart and souls illuminated

SubhanAllah short and sweet,

Ending his impressive talk the most powerful way,

uplifting and empowering dua as usual

his presence resembles

The God-fearing people

The reflection of salafu soleh

During those days of the early Islamic revival

Earnest to serve him by getting his dinner ready

Knowing later he prefers to rest

Then Habib Umar has to leave for the night event at Melb Uni

where he was eagerly looking forward to

He never fails in smiling

Answering all the questions humbly

Loving all his sweet face expressions just make my day.

Upon his coming back to the house to have his dinner and green tea,

Sadly to find out Habib Umar has to cut short his trip,

leaving at 3 in the morning for UAE.

How I was touched by his graceful way,

Accepting my gift and making a dua for my family

Hopefully Habib Umar enjoyed his stay here

as much as we love him to be with us longer

Habib Umar we make dua for you that you’ll come back here every year:)


  1. Salam sis.Thanks for viewing my blog.You can grab whatever photos / videos / writings.as long as it will benefit our muslim society.anyway nice to hear the trip of habib umar to australia recently.unfortunately he has to flight back to Hadramaut when the next stop is KL.we'll be missing him.May Allah bless us all.Amin

  2. Assalamualaikum sister,

    love to view your blog, thanks for sharing the lovely poem, its from your heart..........MashaAllah..... Thank you Allah for giving me such a wonderful sister...........